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03/12/17: A letter was distributed today to all homeowners alerting about the forthcoming home inspections later this month. Click here
03/03/17: Woodson Parc Update from Mark Wells. 02/07/17: REMINDER – Prior approval is required for all exterior renovations.
01/01/17: Click here for Christmas Tree Pickup schedule. Christmas Trees will be serviced during the 1st two weeks in January on the community’s designated yard waste service day (Wednesday). Please also note that yard waste collection is suspended until March. 11/23/16: Click here for Holiday Trash Pickup schedule. Trash pick-up during Thanksgiving week will be on Saturday (Nov 26)
10/18/16: Important information on Kena Temple Housing Development Plans 10/17/16: Halloween Parade and Movie scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 29th
10/15/16: Update on Woodson Parc 10/12/16: Updated Billing Policy – HOA dues
General: Polling Place for Chesterfield Mews General: Safety Information – Escalade Herbicide
Aug 2016: Notice of Cravens Fence Line Activity 08/05/16: Tennis Court Resurfacing
Aug 2016: Labor Day Picnic 05/24/16: New Board Officers
04/28/16:2016 Annual Meeting General: HOA Resale Package Requests
General: New Architectural Control Form General: Trash and Recycling
Cravens Neighborhood Development General: Streetlights
General: Yellow Curb Markings General: Trash and Recycling
General: aMewsments Key General: Guidelines for Solar Energy Collection Devices
General: Leash Law Enforcement General: Fairfax County e-Cycling Program
General: App for Reporting Crimes in Fairfax County


03/03/17: Woodson Parc Update from Mark Wells

“Arlington Boulevard Intersection Paving – We wanted to notify the HOA that we intend to re-pave the service road the week of March 13-17. Please expect roadway work to be active from 8am to 5pm as far as traffic control set up and roadway construction (milling, paving, signal work, striping). There may be a slight delay for homeowners to exit the project at times, but the service road will be kept open headed down to Nutley Street.”


02/07/17: REMINDER – Prior approval is required for all exterior renovations.

Every homeowner receives a copy of the covenants and by-laws of the Chesterfield Mews Community Association when he or she purchases a home here. Please review Covenant VIII – Architectural Control, Article IX, and Article X – Protective Covenants and Restrictions (especially Sections 1 – 10). These are legally binding requirements and you should be familiar with them. These covenants and by-laws are posted on under “Your CMCA.” Applications for approval to undertake exterior renovations, along with standards for approved storm doors, exterior lights and paint colors are available under “Architectural Control.”

Exterior alterations that do not conform to these covenants and guidelines are in violation. In recent months, a number of unapproved fence construction, house painting and renovation projects have been observed. A common violation of long-standing architectural standards involves the staining or painting of fences. Fences are not to be stained or painted – only a clear preservative is permitted.

The elected Board of Directors, acting through the Architectural Control Committee, is charged with the responsibility of ensuring conformity with these covenants and guidelines. To this end, a survey will be undertaken at the end of March. General covenant and architectural violations will be documented. Homeowners will be informed of the results in writing and provided a specific time period in which to bring their homes into compliance.

Now would be a good time to review the covenants and architectural guidelines, and rectify any doors, fences, windows, paint, etc. that are not in compliance. You have two months to do this before the architectural violations inspection takes place.


01/01/17: Christmas Tree Pickup

Christmas Trees will be serviced during the 1st two weeks in January on the community’s designated yard waste service day (Wednesday). Please also note that yard waste collection is suspended until March.


11/23/16: Holiday Schedule for Trash Pickup

Update: Trash pick-up during Thanksgiving week will be on Saturday (Nov 26)

Click here for Holiday Trash Pickup Schedule


10/18/16 – Important Information: Kena Temple Housing Development Plans

10/24/16 Update:
Planning Commission Public Hearing, Wednesday, January 18th at 8:15 p.m.
Board of Supervisors Public Hearing, TBD
In an October 5th letter to Chesterfield Mews Board representatives, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors announced that plans are advancing to build at least 27 single family homes on the property which formerly belonged to Kena Temple. A map included with the letter shows that the property line on the west side more or less follows the path of Bear Branch stream, thus prompting a worry that the new development might come very close to abutting the back side of Readsborough Court. However, Michael Wing, Land Use Aide to Linda Smyth, a member of the County Board of Supervisors who represents Providence District, explained to us that this will not happen and showed us the current plans. These plans call for an easement along the eastern side of Bear Branch to protect woods and wetlands. As a result, a buffer of trees will be left to screen off the new development from Chesterfield Mews. Wing provided us with his direct phone number (703-698-4822) and his email address ( in case any community residents have questions.

This does not mean that we should stop monitoring these developments. Readsborough resident João SantaRita is willing to serve as point of contact for community residents with concerns about the Kena Temple development and has set up a special email for communications on the topic: Please use this email to contact him if you would like to get involved.

Two public hearings will soon be held at which residents can raise questions or voice concerns:

10/24/16 Update: Planning Commission Public Hearing, Wednesday, January 18th at 8:15 p.m.
Board of Supervisors Public Hearing, TBD

Both hearings will be held in the Board Auditorium, Ground Level, Government Center Building, 12000 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, VA. Questions can also be directed to the Department of Planning and Zoning, phone 703-324-1290. Copies of the staff report concerning the rezoning request that would enable the development to move forward can be obtained from this office or at:


10/17/16 – Halloween Parade and Movie scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 29th

Halloween Parade and Movie scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 29th
There will be a Halloween Costume Parade followed by snacks.
Meet on the playground at 4:00pm – the parade will start at 4:15pm.
7:00pm – movie on the tennis courts – Monsters Inc.
Rain Date: Sunday, Oct 30


10/15/16 – Update on meeting with Chris Butkus, VP for Operations and Woodson Parc Project Manager, H2 Land Company

Mr. Gordon Silcox met with Chris Butkus, VP for Operations and Woodson Parc Project Manager, H2 Land Company on Oct. 13, Thursday .
1. The developer is hoping to have an Open House at the model home this Saturday, Oct 15.
2. Concerning the board’s requested changes on Sep 1 to landscaping installations on CMCA’s side of the boundary fence (10/13 revision attached):
Delete the Item 2 entry “At Lot 12 replace the moved 2 Redbuds with 3 Green Giants” since these would require purchase of additional trees not already included in the budget.
3. Completion of the boundary fence: At the Readsborough cul-de-sac, the combination of several large stumps, the steep hillside down to the cul-de-sac and otherwise irregular grading as the downward slope heads east, led Chris to stop fence installation until he talked with us and figured out an appropriate track for the continuing fence line. He will take care of bringing in equipment to provide a level turf platform for the fence, probably cutting out some stumps and possibly creating an “L” shift in the fence a couple of feet wide to maneuver around the impediments. He also had to do this further up the fence line toward Rt. 50.
4. Clean-up of fence line boundary: After cutting and removal of extensive amounts of bamboo along CMCA’s side large amounts of trash, homeowners’ yard waste and discarded materials were revealed all along the fence line on our side. While Chris’ only responsibility was to clear the bamboo and other invasive plants (including, very generously, out to 25’ away from the fence on our side) and not fallen limbs from the trees or other debris, he has agreed to have a crew clear out some of this debris. Whatever remains is the responsibility of CMCA to clear.
5. Mr. Gordon asked Chris if he could have someone clear out several limbs, etc. hanging from trees on CMCA side. He has no crews available to do this and unfortunately this couldn’t be a priority item for him.
6. Workers’ noise on site before 7 AM: Chris reported that he has often reminded his contractors of the noise regulations and will continue to do so, as the contractors begin soon to construct the next new homes on the development site.
7. As for some homeowners’ complaints about nice trees cut down along the fence line, Chris reiterated that the only trees cut down were approved in consultation with the project’s and the County’s arborists. Chris and Gordon reviewed the arborists’ detailed tree-by-tree analysis as shown in the various site plans, wherein he pointed out that while possibly not obvious to a casual observer, several trees were identified as diseased or otherwise in a condition threatening their viability.


10/12/16 – Updated Billing Policy for HOA dues

Dues will continue to be billed semi-annually with payments due on 5/1 and 11/1. Payments made after a 30 days grace period are subject to late payment fees and interest as follows:
On time (i.e., May and November) Total Amount: $617.54
30 days late (i.e., June and December) Dues include a $25.00 late fees (Total Amount owed: $642.54)
60 days late (i.e., July and January) 2nd bill mailed. Dues include an additional $50.00 late fees (Total Amount owed: $667.54)
90 days late (i.e., August and February) SCS sends the delinquent account automatically to CMCA attorney for action; this is subject to additional fees and interest, unless the homeowner has contacted the Board to make special payment arrangements. Board will notify SCS if any such arrangements are made.
The 2nd half dues notices for this year will be mailed by 10/15/2016. Payment is due on 11/01/2016 and considered delinquent after 11/30/2016. If you don’t receive a bill or if you have any questions on this new policy, please contact Board’s Treasurer (Helen Fortner @ 703-698-8433).


General Info – Polling Place for Chesterfield Mews Residents

Fairfax Circle Baptist Church
3110 Chichester Lane
Fairfax, VA 22031
(Just under one mile East on Route 50)


General Info (10/05/16) – Safety Information – Escalade Herbicide

Click here for safety information for Escalade herbicide

Escalade is the herbicide used by Professional Grounds, our property maintenance contractor, to control broad leafed weeds in the community. Normally there is one application in the spring and a second in the fall of each year.


09/12/16 – Notice of Cravens Fence Line Activity

Removal of bamboo and other small brush on the Chesterfield Mews side of the boundary line began today (September 12).
Residents can expect:

  • Workers and possibly vehicle activity along the fence line
  • Small sections of the existing fence may be removed to provide easy access to the work area
  • The new fence and plantings, as coordinated by CMCA with the developer and approved by Fairfax County officials, are expected to be completed sometime in the second half of October

08/05/16 – Tennis Court Resurfacing Complete

The resurfacing of the tennis court is complete and looks fantastic!  The court has reopened and is ready for play.

Aug 2016 – Labor Day Picnic

Labor Day picnic will be held on conducted on Sunday, September 2 at 4:00 PM.

05/24/16 – New Board Officers elected at May 24, 2016 Meeting

At its May 24 monthly meeting, the board of directors elected a new slate of officers for the coming year:

President:  Rosina Schacknies (Eakin Park)

Vice President:  Ginny Howden (Eakin Park)

Secretary:  Sindhu Thomas (Readsborough Ct)

Treasurer:  Helen Fortner (Eakin Park)

04/28/16 – 2016 Annual Meeting

The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Chesterfield Mews Community Association (CMCA) was held on April 28, 2016 at the Fairfax Circle Baptist Church. A quorum was reached as 26 owners were present and 24 proxy forms were submitted.  We are happy to report the re-election of Bill Saint of Colchester Brook to his second three-year term on the board of directors, and also very happy to announce the elections of longtime residents Helen Fortner of Eakin Park and Trisha Trillet of Readsborough to new three-year terms.

For a complete summary of the Annual Meeting, here is a link to the draft minutes. These minutes will be presented and ratified at the 2017 Annual Meeting.  Please click on the link twice to open.  Draft 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

HOA Resale Package Requests

If you are in need of a HOA resale package, please contact Mr. Daniel Danko, the Portfolio Community Manager at our new management company, Select Community Services (SCS). You may reach Mr. Danko at (703) 631-2003 or at

In the coming weeks, we will provide instructions here at on how to request a resale package online via the SCS website.

New Architectural Control Form Available

The Architectural Control Committee has updated the request form to reflect the contact information of our new management company, Select Community Services.  To download the change request form, please go to the “Architectural Guidelines” section at the top menu and click on “ACC Application Form”.  From there, click twice more to open the form.

Trash and Recycling

Wednesday yard waste has resumed and will continue through late December.  We will post the exact date later this year when we are informed of the date by Republic Services.

Cravens Neighborhood Development Continues to Progress

As of today, here’s a summary of the status of the development of the Cravens Nursery property.  The development is on track with the timelines shown below:

  • The plans of the developer (H2 Companies of Leesburg, VA operating under the name Ausable LLC) to build 14 single-family homes on the Cravens property were approved by the Board of Supervisors in May 2015.
  • That plan includes several items the developer promises to provide in response to an April 10, 2015 letter to him on behalf of the board, including a continuous six-foot high, synthetic dark brown with no gates or openings.  Plantings will be along the shared boundary line.  The board is working with the developer to prepare other documents required for site plan approval.
  • The developer has provided our board with the detailed 53-page site plan that was submitted to the county at the rezoning hearing in April. We will try to make available to homeowners specific pages of the plan upon request, subject to the feasibility of duplicating/transmitting these documents.
  • Following the concurrence of the board of directors, the Grounds Working Group (GWG) met with the developer in October to further discuss planning the boundary area between the two properties.  An estimated property development time line was also discussed and appears below:
  1. November. 2015 – March 2016:  Obtain County and Va. Dept. of Transportation permits, final site plan approvals by the individual Fairfax County departments.
  2. March – September 2016:  Land development begins. Existing boundary fence removed briefly to remove invasive plant species including bamboo on CMCA boundary as requested by CMCA. New plantings on CMCA’s side as we requested. Fence erected.
  3. September 2016:  Paving and home construction begins.
  4. November – December 2016:  First model home completed.

You can view the Board of Supervisors approval letter, with accompanying proffers, at the below link.  Stay tuned for further updates as they become available.

If You Notice that a Streetlight is Burned Out…

Some of you have asked the board of directors what to do if you see that a streetlight is burned out.  We appreciate your concern for the safety of our community- it’s important to ensure all street lights are kept on.  When you see a burned out light, don’t assume that “someone” will notify Dominion Power, which maintains all street lights in the Mews — you can take matters into your own hands!  Below is how you can do it:

You must report the light’s unique Pole Number (it’s in an alpha/numeric/alpha/numeric format such as “C-0417-VF-04”) which is located on a plaque attached to the base of the pole.

To report burnt out lights–or damaged street light poles–you can either:

1)     Call Dominion Power directly at 1–866–366-4357, or

2)     Go online to the “Dominion Power Outage Center” at  Under “Neighborhood Lights”  click on “Use our email form.”  You’ll have to give the Pole Number and specific location, your own name, address, phone number, and indicate you are a member of “Chesterfield Mews Community Association.” 

Thanks again for your concern for the well-being of the Mews!

Yellow Curb Markings

Any vehicle parked along any yellow curb markings is subject to towing.  If your vehicle is towed, please contact Accurate Towing at 703-934-1460 (alternate is 540-347-3185) to verify they have towed the vehicle and to inquire of charges due to retrieve the vehicle.  Only the registered owner can retrieve the vehicle.  The storage lot address is 8109 Ransell Rd. in Merrifield (off Gallows Rd, 0.4 miles north of Rt. 50) and the lot is open 24/7.  Charges for towing are $125 and up and depend upon the type of vehicle and the time of the towing, as set by Fairfax County.  Additional charges may apply if towed vehicles are not retrieved within 24 hours.  Any charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner. Payment methods are cash or credit.  Thanks again for your continued cooperation as we work through this inconvenience to our community.

Everyone’s Favorite Topic – Trash and Recycling

Trash and recycling are now picked up on the same day each week (Friday).  Since we have now consolidated trash and recycling, please take care to separate trash (bags and cans) from all recycling (bins and paper bags) as best as possible to make the collection as efficient and effective as possible.  There are two separate trucks on Fridays.  Generally, the recycling truck arrives first (usually in the morning) and the trash truck arrives some time later in the day.  The crews will visually determine what is trash and what is recycling.  If you used paper/plastic bags (with no bin) for recycling before, you may continue to do so.  Republic recommends you mark recycling bags with an “R”.

For those of you who either need or would like a new recycling bin, Republic has larger, deeper blue recycling bins available to any and all residents upon request. Please contact Republic directly at 703-818-8222 should you wish to have one of these new and improved recycling bins. 

Below is a complete list of other things to familiarize yourself with…these things will remain permanently displayed on this homepage:

1.  Republic Services will not pick up items left out for trash over 150 lbs.  Uncollected items remain the responsibility of the resident – not of the community.  Please either: (1) call Republic Services at (703) 818-8222 and schedule a special pickup, (2) haul heavy items  out yourself to the I-66 Transfer Station located at 4618 West Ox Road in Fairfax, or (3) if the item is an article of furniture in reasonably good condition, consider donating it to your favorite charity — they usually gladly pick up the item from your home.

2.  Please use recycling bins to contain materials easily disturbed by wind and wildlife – Republic Services provides them free of charge – (703) 266-2051.

3.  Within recycling bins, please secure lighter materials like papers under heavier materials like bottles.

4.  During the week, please relocate all trash/recycling containers so they are not visible from the street such as:  outside of fences, in front of the home   in the courtyard or on the stoop.     Keep the containers inside your home or in an enclosed rear yard.

5.  Please do not place trash or recycling on the curb prior to Thursday at 6:00 PM.

6.  Please try to retrieve your containers by Friday evening.  If you are going to be out of town, please make arrangements with a neighbor to retrieve them for you.

For any other questions regarding this matter, feel free to send an E-mail through the “Contact Us” section of

aMewsments Key

Just moved into the neighborhood and would like access to our aMewsments playground area, complete with a new state-of-the-art basketball hoop, tennis court, and tot lot?  No problem, you can obtain a key for a one-time fee of $25.  The current key coordinator for the Chesterfield aMewsments enclosure is:
Kevin Noca
3159 Readsborough Ct


Board Approves Guidelines for Solar Energy Collection Devices

The board of directors approved final guidelines for the use and installation of solar energy collection devices.  Pursuant to Section 67-700 and 67-701 of the Virginia Code, the Virginia Common Interest Community Board (“CICB”) has promulgated final regulations imposing a requirement that each common interest community (including condominiums, property owners’ associations and cooperatives) shall not prohibit an owner from installing or using a solar energy collection device on that owner’s property and that the common interest community may establish reasonable restrictions concerning the size, place, and manner of placement of such devices.

The full, signed version of the guidelines are approved as Chesterfield Mews Community Association Policy Resolution 2013-01 and can be found here CMCA Solar Device Guidelines

Hardcopies of the guidelines are also available on request through any member of the board of directors or architectural control committee.

Leash Law Enforcement

The Chesterfield Mews Community Association gives its approval to the Fairfax County Police Department to enforce the Fairfax County Leash Law and other related animal control laws on the private property of the association.

Fairfax County e-Cycling Program…No Longer Just on Sunday

The event formerly known as “Electric Sundays” is no longer just on Sunday…it’s any day of the week!  Fairfax County residents can e-cycle old or unwanted electronics any day of the week at both the I-66 Transfer Station and the I-95 Landfill Complex. Acceptable materials include computers (and related equipment), televisions, gaming systems, stereos and other household electronic devices and cables. There are no fees associated with this service; however customers may be required to show proof of residency.  For more information, here is the link

Also, Best Buy accepts most electronics and large appliances and will take them at no charge.  Complete details are at the link below:

New App for Reporting Crimes in Fairfax County

For those of you who own smartphones, take notice:  A new app allows people to report crimes anonymously to the Fairfax County police via your smartphone.

Fairfax Crime Solvers announced today (April 24, 2012), that they were joining a number of local departments using Tip Submit. The mobile app is available free of charge for both the iPhone and phones with the Android operating system.

Users select the local crime solvers program to which they want to submit a tip. They then fill out a tip form, which allows users to select the type of crime, attach a photo and even geolocate the crime using the phone’s GPS feature. The tip is assigned a code and users can track correspondence about the issue with the local police department. Tip Submit is also used by several other local police departments, too.

Tip Submit guarantees its app is secure and the tips will remain anonymous. To download the app, go to:

Updates Archive

CMCA Assessment Collections Policy: Open the link to see the current board-approved policy  CMCA Collections Policy


Mason Station Info Guide

Rules & Guidelines 

Recreational Facilities 

Neighborhood Crime Watch

Trash Removal  

Trash removal is handled by a commercial firm, AAA, under contract with the Association.

Trash is to be placed in plastic bags, not to exceed 50 lbs per bag, and set at curbs for pick-up on FRIDAY mornings (before 6:00 A.M.). Place your trash on the curb no earlier than 6:00 PM Thursday night. No trash pick-up will be made on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. If one of the previous mentioned holidays falls on a Friday, arrangements will be made for pickup on an alternate day. Regularly scheduled pick-ups will be made on other holidays falling on Fridays.


Recycling pick-up occurs on MONDAY. Place your recyclables at the curb no later than 6:00AM Monday, no sooner than 6:00PM Sunday. Please refer to the Fairfax County Residential Curbside Recycling Chart (PDF) to find out what can be recycled at the curb.  

For more detailed information about recycling in Fairfax County, please refer to the county webpage.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

HHW includes products used in and around the home that are flammable, corrosive, reactive or toxic.  HHW can potentially cause a safety problem if various household chemicals become mixed when disposed with the regular trash.  By disposing of HHW separately, it will be properly handled and packaged to minimize exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and will also decrease the likelihood that these chemicals will enter the environment.  A full list of HHW types, permissible methods of disposal, county acceptance procedures and locations are described on the county web page.

Yard Waste

Yard waste pick-up occurs on WEDNESDAY (March-December). Place yard waste at the curb no later than 6:00AM Wednesday, and no sooner than 6:00PM Tuesday. Yard waste is accepted only in clear plastic bags. Small piles of brush are to be tied with twine and should not exceed four feet in length.

* Yard waste in clear bags and bundles tied will be picked up with trash on FRIDAY during January and February.

X-mas Trees

Christmas trees will be collected through the first two weeks of January.

Bulk Services

Furniture and other large, non-metal household items placed on the curb will be collected as well. You must call AAA to schedule your bulk pickup for these items. Rocks, concrete, dirt, bricks and cinder blocks will not be removed.

Appliance & White Goods Removal

Ferrous metal/white good items/large motorized items, such as appliances, must be prescheduled prior to removal with additional billing to the individual homeowner.  All appliances containing Freon must be certified FREON-FREE prior to removal.

Storage of Personal Property

Storage of personal property outside fenced areas is prohibited. All personal property is to be kept within the rear fenced yard, including firewood, lumber, garbage cans, lawn and garden utensils, and toys. As a security measure, ladders should be kept inside.


Common courtesy and the Fairfax County leash and “Pooper Scooper” ordinances make it the responsibility of dog owners to clean up after their dog as well as ensuring their children and guests are, likewise, responsible.  Dog waste is a top complaint in the community and there are significant health concerns with dog waste left on the ground.

Fairfax County Code states: “An owner or custodian of any dog shall be responsible for the removal of excreta deposited by such dog on the property of another, including public areas.”  If your dog does its business in Chesterfield Mews, you must pick up after it.

Grounds Beautification & Maintenance

Common Ground – Common grounds are defined as any area not owned by an individual homeowner. The homeowner’s plat shows where the boundary is.

The cost for grounds care and maintenance is one of the largest items in the association budget.

Grass cutting, weed spraying, trimming, and mulching for common grounds are provided by a private contractor.

Vehicle traffic is not allowed on common grounds as the turf and underground utilities can be damaged. Bicycles and motor bikes should be used only on roads or walkways (not on grass areas).

Streets & Courtyards

Guysborough Drive, up to and including the circle, is owned and under the control of Virginia Department of Highways and Transportation. All other streets in the development are owned and maintained by the Community. The courtyard of each townhouse cluster is owned and maintained by the homeowners of that cluster.

An outside contractor is hired by the Association for clearing of snow and ice from community streets. It is the responsibility of homeowners of each court to remove snow and ice from the court areas. (Do not use salt as it will damage courtyards.)

No vehicles should be allowed on courtyards as that can damage them.

Parking & Immobile Automobiles

Each residence in the community has two automobile parking spaces in the adjacent parking areas. Both spaces are marked “RESERVED” and are identified with lot number for the exclusive use of occupants of that specific residence. Additional parking is available along the service road parallel to Route 50 or along the non-reserved curb areas within the community.

“RESERVED” parking spaces are not to be used by other residents or guests, without permission of residents of that court. Please note that this applies to all parking areas, including those near the tennis courts.

“VISITOR” parking spaces may be used by guest and residents Please note that no portion of the development is to be used for the repair of vehicles (See Article X, Section 14 of Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Regulations). License tags, county stickers and safety inspections must be kept up to date on all vehicles.  Immobile automobiles, either for mechanical and/or legal reasons, parked in Chesterfield Mews must be restored to operating condition within twenty-four hours or they may be towed by the Association at the expense of the owner.


Mailbox keys are the responsibility of the homeowner. The U.S. Postal Service is responsible for maintenance of the boxes. Residents may get extra keys or new locks from the Post Office.

Your mailbox key lock number can be found inside the clustered mailbox (generally, on the back side of the lock on the locking bar). You may want to note that number in case you have to replace the key.

Architectural Control

Any exterior modifications, including planting, plant removal, and painting (with original paint exterior colors retained) are subject to approval by the CMCA Board. Request for any changes must be submitted in writing. See the Architectural Control Guidelines for additional information.

Architectural Control inspections are handled by the CMCA management company.

Chesterfield aMewsments

To protect our investment, the fence enclosure is locked. Residents may purchase a key for $25.00 from the current key coordinator.

The following rules apply to the facilities:

» Hours of operation are from dawn to dusk – no play after dark

» Facilities are private property and for use only by Chesterfield Mews residents and their guests

» Use of the facilities is at your own risk

» Children under 16 must be under adult supervision when using facilities

» Proper athletic shoes must be worn on athletic courts at all times

» Full court basketball is permitted only when the tennis court not in use

» No hanging off basketball rim and no dunking at any time

» Limit play time to 1 hour when others are waiting

» No wheels of any kind are allowed within the facility

» No audio equipment is allowed

» Use common courtesy with your neighbors

Any person(s) damaging the common area facilities, fixtures, or improvements therein shall be personally liable and responsible for ALL damage.

Ball Fields

No ball fields are available in the community. The nearest ballfield is on Pickett Road, just south of Rt. 50, and accessible from the Accotink Creek Trail behind the community. Another field is located 1 1/2 miles down the trail or a three mile drive at the end of Woodburn Road.

Park Trail

Accotink Creek Trail runs behind the community. It starts at Rt. 50 & Nutley and runs for about 2 1/2 miles. It also connects to the Fairfax County Connector trail. The trail passes behind the Tennis, Basketball and Playground enclosure. There is also a shortcut to the trail from the lower end of Colchester Brook Lane.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

The Neighborhood Crime Watch Program consists of the following three parts:

1. Home Security: All residents can ensure the following:

» Good lighting
» Good lock security
» Lock all doors/windows when house is unoccupied
» Advise a trusted neighbor when you go on vacation
» Don’t advertise! Stop deliveries, papers, and have mail picked up or held

2. Operation Identification
This phase of the program involves placing a Watch eye logo on your door or windows, making an inventory of valuation household items, and engraving your Social Security number on your property. If you want to use an engraver, call the Secretary of the Association. (About 80% of stolen property recovered by the Police cannot be identified and returned to owners, so eventually it is sold at public auction or destroyed.)

3. Active Watch
Chesterfield Mews watch involves the entire community and any suspicious activity should be reported immediately as indicated below: Life-threatening or immediately damaging to property……911
Non-emergency, less serious activity……703-691-2131

Information Police Officers Need Most:

What happened?
Is anyone hurt?
Vehicle descriptions?
Direction of travel?
Description of suspects?
Are there any weapons involved?

The Chesterfield Mews Neighborhood Watch Patrol Program is organized primarily on walking patrols because there are only 150 homes in the area to be covered. When on patrol duty, the minimum responsibility is to walk along each street in the Mews. To walk down one side and up the other of each street takes about 30 minutes. At your option, you may also walk around the backs of all or some of the homes, particularly those that are adjacent to the county parkland, which will add 15 to 20 minutes to your patrol. You are asked to carry a paper and pen to record any incident information, including the time of the incident.

If your watch patrol time is after dark you should also carry a flashlight.

If you are interested in participating in the Chesterfield Mews Neighborhood Watch Patrol Program, please contact the Crime Watch Coordinator.

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