Architectural Guidelines

The Architectural Control Committee, established in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Article VIII), is charged with the responsibility for interpretation and implementation of those restrictive covenants which relate to the architectural and aesthetic integrity of the Community.  These guidelines supersede any preceding published ones.  The communities management company is responsible for an annual architectural inspection of the properties.

The following general and specific guidelines amplify and supplement the “Declarations” and should be read in conjunction with Articles VIII, IX, X and XI of that document.


A. Written approval must be obtained from the Committee prior to undertaking any alteration or improvement to any house, fence, or other structure within the Community.  These undertakings include, but are not limited to, exterior additions or changes to any house or fence, construction within fenced areas which will extend above the fence line, deck-mounted changes or additions which will be visible above the fence line, any new or additional fencing, or replacing courtyards. Approval is not required for painting using approved colors.

B. Prior written approval is required for addition or removal of any plantings, or any other objects, on common grounds.

C. Approval of any project by the Committee does not waive the homeowner’s responsibility for obtaining required County permits.

D. Obtaining required County permits does not waive the requirement for Committee approval.


A. Painting – areas that are painted may be repainted in the same color only. Unpainted surfaces, such as brick, shall remain unpainted and unstained. Whole surface areas must be repainted at the same time.  Fences are not and shall not be pained or stained – if necessary, they may be treated with a clear preservative.

The exteriors of homes are a textured plywood that, with proper maintenance, lasts for many years.* Painting is required every five to seven years, retaining the original colors (each building must be one color). The original paint used by the builder was McCormick Flat Latex Neutral Gray, Moss Green, and Antique Brass.  McCormick Oxford Brown luster acrylic was used on all trim.  Comparable colors in Duron paint may be used only on Readsborough Court and Delburne Court.

*Four- by eight-foot replacement panels can be purchased at Home Depot (SKU #915424)
Approved Paint Colors
Approved Storm Doors, Front Exterior Light and House Numbers.

B. Storm Doors/Windows – all installations require prior approval.

C. Roof-mounted objects –  Attic exhaust fans, stove chimneys, and other such objects require prior approval. (Dish antennas) There are no restrictions on exterior antennas for the transmission or reception of any radio or television signal as covered by the FCC “OTARD” Rules.

D. Awnings, outdoor carpeting (at main entrances or in courtyards) and the like are considered exterior changes requiring prior approval.


A. Only written requests will be considered by the Committee. These should be accompanied by drawings, material lists, color samples, product brochures, and other documentation which would indicate the nature and extent of the desired undertaking.

B. Requests may be personally delivered to any of the Committee members or mailed to:

Chesterfield Mews Community Association
Architectural Control Committee
c/o the communities management company

C.  The Committee will consider and act upon all requests as soon as possible, but in any case no later than thirty (30) days from receipt of the request.  All Committee replies will be in writing.