Solar Energy Collection Device Guidelines

Placement of Devices

Due to the differing house designs in Chesterfield Mews, house orientation and technology advancements, each request for architectural control design approval will be considered individually on its own merits. Solar collection devices should be placed on the rear side or roof of the building. However, exceptions to this rule may be made when the rear side or roof of a unit faces North or is otherwise deemed inappropriate upon review. A device which lies flat with the roof pitch would be the most readily accepted. When a flush installation is not possible, consideration will be given as to how the installation blends in with the design of the building. Installations which are more easily seen from the street or neighboring properties will receive more scrutiny with regard to blending them in as inconspicuously as possible with the existing structure. In general, devices mounted on the front side of any roof structure must lie flat with the roof pitch.

Mounting and Color

The solar collection devices should be mounted as follows:

  • Devices should be mounted as close to flat on the roof as possible. In cases when approved, panels mounted to the front side of the roof must be flush with the roof.
  • No part of the installation should be visible above the peak of the roof on which it is mounted.
  • All ancillary parts and framing must be painted to match the roof or, in certain circumstances, be enclosed and painted to match the background.
  • There should be minimal space between device panels.
  • Piping, wiring, and mechanisms of contrasting color must be hidden or minimally visible.

Application Requirements for Solar Devices

The Architectural Control Committee application for solar device installation should include the following:

  1. Drawings and/or photos showing proposed installation location, with color photos of the unit taken from the street.
  2. Detailed information regarding size, installation details, materials, and color. If possible, include a manufacturer’s brochure.

Health and Safety

All installations must comply with all applicable building codes and other governmental regulations, and must be secured so that they do not jeopardize the safety of residents or cause damage to adjacent properties.

Tree Preservation and Planting 

A unit owner is solely responsible to take into consideration the future growth of community and neighbors’ trees and shrubs when planning for the placement of a solar energy device. Under no circumstances shall a neighbor or the CMCA be required to remove or prune established plantings.