Parking Policy

Chesterfield Mews Parking Policy, Adopted Oct 27 2021

In line with Fairfax County fire lane restrictions, any vehicle parked for an extended period of time (over 30 minutes) with the exception of work permit vehicles and/or moving trucks/cars at any yellow curb markings is subject to towing. Cars parked in any of these areas could impede vehicles from accessing residents in need of emergency vehicles and restrict.

In addition to that, Chesterfield Mews will tow vehicles that are parked in visitors parking spaces for an extended period of time of over 72 hours. These vehicles will receive a warning to move their vehicle within 24 hours and if their vehicle is still not moved within 24 hours, they are subject to being towed. Members of the community are welcome to notify the board of these violations by taking pictures of these vehicles over the extended period of time and submitting it to the board (on the boards website) with sufficient evidence of violations.

If your vehicle is towed, contact Al’s Towing at 703-790-1156 to verify they have towed the vehicle and to inquire of charges due to retrieve the vehicle.  Only the registered owner can retrieve the vehicle.  The storage lot address is 8109 Ransell Rd. in Merrifield (off Gallows Rd, 0.4 miles north of Rt. 50) and the lot is open 24/7.  Charges for towing are $150 and up and depend upon the type of vehicle and the time of the towing, as set by Fairfax County.  Additional charges may apply if towed vehicles are not retrieved within 24 hours.  Any charges are the responsibility of the vehicle owner.  Payment methods are cash or credit.