Welcome to the official website of the Chesterfield Mews Community Association in Fairfax, Virginia.  This website is maintained by the association’s board of directors to provide the homeowners of our community with easy access to relevant information.

A new development is being added to our area! Check out the information here: Land Design Consultants Plan

Board Meetings:

Special Meeting to discuss landscaping: Thursday, January 18, 7:30pm at The Virginian

Monthly HOA meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of each month at ‘The Virginian’ @7:30 pm: All are welcome.

January 23
February 27
March 27
April 24
May 22
June 26

Parking at the Virginian: There are two parking lots on either side of the building. The parking spots directly in front of the Virginian are mainly reserved for resident pick-up/drop off.
Location: 2nd floor “meeting room”. There will be a receptionist on duty in the main lobby who can assist with directions.


Visitor Parking:
Visitor Parking has been painted! Visitor spots can be found on Colchester Ln and Readsborough Ct. and are strictly for visiting cars. Parking on Rt 50 and the Guysborough circle is open to visitors & residents. Visitor Parking Map

There are approximately 22 shared visitor spaces; a combination of 12 actual spots plus curb parking on Readsborough (this does not include Guysborough Dr. up to and including the circle which is County Parking).
Each residence is assigned 2 parking spaces within the community (which are overdue to be remarked).
Visitor spaces are community property.
Visitor spaces should remain available for visitors only to park.
Residents with more than 2 vehicles should park extra vehicles on Rt. 50 and Guysborough Dr. from the access road up to and including the circle (county parking).
The HOA Board of Directors has the right to tow vehicles from visitor spaces.
If you have parking questions, please contact the HOA Board of Directors through the “Contact Us” icon.

For resale packages, lender inquiries, or account balances, please contact the association’s management company:
Select Community Services (SCS)
4840 Westfields Blvd, Suite 160, Chantilly, VA 20151
www.scs-management.com; Phone: 703-631-2003

News Updates:
Public Information Meetings in June on I-66 Widening (05/04/17):
VDOT is hosting public information meetings on the I-66 widening in June. Click here

Summary of Collection Policy for Annual Assessment (from 05/01/2017)

Annual assessments will be collected semi-annually in May and November. Payments are due on 5/1 and 11/1 of the calendar year. Payments received after 05/31 and 11/30 will be assessed a late fee and other charges, as noted below:
On time (i.e., May and November) Total Amount: $627.50 (for 2017; amount for subsequent years is TBD)
30 days late (i.e., June and December) A $25 late fee is added to the amount owed (i.e., $627.50 + $25.00 = $652.50)
60 days late (i.e., July and January) A certified letter will be sent by the Management Agent and the homeowner will incur additional expenses resulting from admin charges and certified mail. These charges will be added to the $652.50 owed.
90 days late (i.e., August and February) The Management Agent sends the delinquent account automatically to CMCA’s attorney for action which can result in additional fees and charges.
If you have any questions on this new policy, please refer to the Chesterfield Mews Homeowners Association Administrative Resolution No. 1 for procedures related to assessments and contact the Management Agent for further clarifications.